Our Mascot Rupert Launches Pet Friendly Testimonials

Rupert mascot pet friendly testimonials

Rupert is our mascot and office Stress Relief Manager. Even though John excels at making clients feel comfortable during the process of getting a mortgage, home loan, or reverse mortgage — he sometimes realizes that people are nervous. That is when John introduces his clients to Rupert… if he hasn’t already introduced himself.

Rupert is always available to help our mortgage shoppers relax during what can be a stressful time filled with new and confusing terminology and numbers.

Burke Mortgage is striving to become multimedia fabulous!

Rupert thinks John will get more  “likes”, “shares”and “reviews” if he were involved.

On behalf of Rupert please share a photo of your home  with you, your family & pet(s)!

Pet Friendly Testimonials

They are testimonials and … just an excuse to talk about our pets and share their photos.

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Rupert and John love home ownership success stories and can’t wait to hear yours!