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Burke Mortgage provides Connecticut homeowners, first-time home buyers, and businesses with the best possible mortgage and refinance loans, a personalized real estate strategy, and a simplified mortgage process.

THE BURKE MORTGAGE APPROACH – Strategic Mortgages help borrowers find the right loan and Mortgages Made Simple facilitates a stress-free experience.

Strategic Mortgage Solutions in Connecticut

What is a strategic mortgage solution? Instead of looking at a limited number of mortgage loans available in Connecticut banks, a mortgage broker has access to a much larger variety of diversified lenders and loan programs. Combine this with a personalized approach and you have a mortgage strategy that will target the best type of mortgage for you.

Mortgages Made Simple

Home Loans and Refinancing Mortgages

Whether you are refinancing an existing mortgage or purchasing a home and need a new mortgage – the process can be daunting and stressful. Targeting the perfect type of home loan is the first step in simplifying the mortgage process for you. Negotiating the loan and walking you through the process is how Burke Mortgage makes mortgages simple. But don’t just listen to us, read the reviews on Google, Facebook, and Zillow.

Helping Borrowers Find the Right Loan!

Make your goal of purchasing or refinancing a home or commercial property a reality. First, we will present the best financing options that are available. Then we will manage the mortgage process from your inquiry to your closing date – Everything will be taken care of. It will be a stress-free experience!

Accessibility, customer service and a true desire to help you achieve your dreams are the hallmarks of Burke Mortgages’ success. We work with and for you! Burke Mortgage would be happy to pre-qualify you for your purchase or refinance. First-time home buyers are always welcome.

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