Burke Lending for Marine, RV, & Aircraft Loans


ANNOUNCEMENT: John Burke is now an independent sales associate with Sterling Associates – specializing in your marine purchase and refinancing needs.

Specializing in marine financing, Burke Lending operates out of Groton and Manchester, Connecticut.

Boat Loans: Offering purchase and refinance marine loans for new and used vessels – you will be on the water ASAP!

RV Loans: We will help you navigate the RV purchase or refinance process for new and used recreational vehicles – you will be out on the road ASAP.

Aircraft Loans: Whether it’s a new plane, a used plane, or you want to refinance an airplane – we will get you up, up, and away ASAP.

I have enjoyed boating throughout southern New England and Long Island Sound since childhood. Marine, RV, and aircraft lending is a natural extension of my financing career. I am excited to partner with Sterling Associates. ” – John Burke, Independent Sales Associate of Sterling Associates

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